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Kurt was phenomenal in this scene. The parallel to the little kid who went willingly to the dumpster is so striking - strong, confident, fearless. It was beautiful even amidst the sadness.

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Plan of Action

I’m going to make a cup of tea.Then read the next 2 chapters of Rapture.Then read the last few slightestwind advent fiction I need to catch up on,then chatterboxroses latest drabbles and finally finish rereading waternix’s how can love go wrong if we start the new year right.

Klaine Fiction Help

Hey,Please can anyone help me.I’m looking for a Klaine fic that I read recently.Kurt and Blaine are at a warbler party at dalton.They go back to their own dorm rooms.There just about to start sexting and Blaine knocks on kurts door.Kurt isnt ready for sex and Blaine suggests they do a self service where they both masturbate beside eachother.They masturbate in front of eachother for the first time.Please please help.I read it on livejournal.

Kurt and not Paul

Ok this is what I’m feeling after I read the synopsis for sadie hawkings.Now I’m all for kurts character development ect.I kinda taught that the whole point of the breakup was the characters get separate individual story lines yet there being paired with people.Sam with Brittany,Rachel and Brody,Kurt and Adam,Finn is meant to be getting a new love interest.All I can say for Kurt and Paul is that I kinda hope its doesn’t last too many episodes and aren’t very coupley.Its just I’m to invested in Klaine and a huge Klaine shipper that I really don’t feel comfortable seeing kurt with anyone.I don’t even want Kurt and Adam to kiss.Now as much as I love Kurt and Glee I really think I’m going to skip over the parts with Kurt and Paul as soon a they get together.Sooner Klaine get back together the better.Klaine is eternity.

Original Song

Yup I’m going to rewatch original song but only the Klaine scenes.I’m in a Klaine mood.I wanna see that kiss.

Fic Finder

Hey guys,

Im hoping someone cane help me this time.I’m look for a fic where Blaine turns up in new york during hurricane sandy to talk to kurt about him cheating.Kurt isn’t happy to see him.It was maybe in 4 parts.They got back together in the end.Does anyone know who wrote it?

The New Normal and Klaine

After watching the new normal episode,I have realised how alike Bryan and David are like Kurt and Blaine.This actual gives me hope weirdly enough that Klaine is forever and They will be getting back together.


I’m reading loads on tumblr and this place is going crazy about tomorrow and the talk blaine and kurt are going to have and people not wanting them to be like Ross and Rachel and wanting them just being friends.Tumblr used to be happy from the time I started on here and then the cheating happened and people started taking sides.In glee I’d say nearly every single person has cheated and blaine and kurt are no different.What happened to people wanting them back together.People make mistakes it happens blaine is human and he made a huge mistake and you see how much he regrets it.Tomorrow will be fine I’d say yeah they’ll prob argue in some way if the spoilers are to be believed but they have a phonecall during thanksgiving and gleeactually has blaine in New York and sounds like they start to make there way back together.The season isn’t over and we have all that to watch.I don’t care how this storyline is played out maybe that’s just me but I just want them back together.They are perfect together.As for blaine being isolated I don’t think it’s new directions fault at all,in the new Rachel they all were fighting.Brittany tried to get Sam to help blaine and he didn’t want it.I think he does have friends in glee from the scenes I’ve Brittany I just think they were just trying to show how much they missed there significant others.i don’t mind if people disagree with me.I just really do think there going to get back together and married to each other when kurt is 21.Come on people lets be positive about Klaine forever again.